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tv   [untitled]    April 2, 2014 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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on the individuals, and numerous fights broke out in front of club atmosphere and breaking up the fights, and several unwanted patrons had to be jected and the fight occurs in the club, and then is goes on to the couple of other things, and it is crowded and the club atmosphere and they focused most of the time in front of the club, and 11 p.m. to two in the morning. and 7 drunk arrests were made in front of club atmosphere and one in front of royal. and last one, a disturbance in the alley, and with the drunk subjects knocking over the garbage cans and they left and were attacked on broad way and montgomery. the alley, ways and then you have a door on the side that they can come out as well. >> i guess that the reason that i asked is because also, it
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would if these drunk people were coming from the atmosphere and it would be the over serving in atmosphere and then a new lead training night be good for them. >> in the prior conversation and in the e-mails and bennett said that he had the full staff train that they had a training session at at atmosphere and that is one of the avenues that we are looking at and at the alcohol liaison unit. >> commissioner lee? >> so, do you find when you go out there, that these are promoted events and are they working with promoters or all in house. >> it is a little bit of everything and some of them are promoters. and we have not seen a specific, you know, in the past we would have a promoter, when we knew that he was coming and we are like oh, boy you have to let your lieutenant
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know to have the other resources and sure enough, you know it was a problem. we have not seen specifically, bad players up there, that you know, here they come and we are getting ready for it. and some of the events are promoted and some are not. okay. >> any other commissioner comments? >> all right, thank you, officer. >> well, we will open it up to public comment on the police comments and questions. and is there any public comment? >> i don't see any. so we will close the public comment and we will move on to item number five which is hearing and possible action regarding applications for permits under the jurisdiction of the entertainment commission. >> good evening, commissioner and commissioners and so we have four up today and the first one is ramsey hanna who is doing business as anotologia vinotic a and he has applied
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for a limited live performance permit and actually aploid several months ago but it had to be continued because he had inherited an abc permit with restrictions he has appealed and granted a permit that allows for entertainment and he would like to add entertainment latin american entertainment to compliment the wines that he offers. right now, you know, it has been opened since 2012, and i spoke with officer methias and he is fine with this and offered for further conditions than the good neighbor policy and with that i would like to invite mr. hanna to come on up. >> good evening commissioners, my name is ramsey hanna sxim the owner. the mission of my business is to provide my customers with the taste of
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latin america, both figuratively and literally which is my imitus for coming here today and i want to provide my customers with the music and the dance of the latin american culture. and i want to do so, and i plan to achieve that by having latin jazz and drummers and dancers and brazilian dancers and various other forms of live and american entertainment. and i believe that by allowing me to have this license, it will enhance and augment and diversify the community and neighborhood in which i am in. there is evidence of that as i have received endorsement from the myriad of the community organization and associations and those include the broad way community benefit district, southern tell graph hill, neighborhood association and the neighborhood association, and the north beach business association. and i just wanted to make it short and sweet and commissioners have any questions, i would be more than
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happy to address those. >> thank you so much, and it is up to commissioner hyde. >> it seems like you have done the out reach and i was just wondering if you have copies of anything, like proof that you had done it? >> yes.. >> if you get pass those up it would be great. >> we will give them back. >> that is why i want to see it. do you want to see it in the microphone? >> no. >> okay. >> and go ahead. >> and you have got. >> and impressed that you got the tell graph hill dwellers., you know that limited live is until ten. >> right. >> okay. >> and then so our liquor
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license, prohibited us from opening up past 12:30 and we plan to have the entertainment until ten and slowly get the patrons out. >> got it. >> okay. >> your theirs are spoken of here and where you see yourself fitting into that puzzle and i, there is a lot of, things going on with broad way, and i see my business, in relation to broad way as you know, proof for setting precedent that you can be successful on broad way without necessarily having to go into the certain avenues. >> and the entertainment along.
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and >> it is kind of the things that we have been talking about as far as the broad way. and the diversity that it offers and so the components that we get and the people that are interested in the latin american foods and the wine and the different dances and stuff. and he is going to have. and we will talk about the different things as far as broad way not being in the night clubs, and this is something that we fully support. >> thank you very much. >> great, thank you. >> and is there any public comment on this particular
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permit? >> i see one. >> good evening and i would like to applaud ramsey and i met him when he came to the neighborhood and that space used to be broad way joes and then it evolved into a wine bar, and the person who had that and did have the music without the permit and so this person inherited that situation of a space, that had music that was not permitted. and so, that is why it was conditioned on his abc license. and so he had the petition to modify that, which was a process. and if you could tell that he has done a stellar job with the out reach and more than anything else, he and his partners have basically, have been good operators and good managers with what they have had and they had to endure, some of the unsafely element that has done come down and i really applaud this guy in his operation and i
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think that the guitar will add the spice to the great wine that he serves. >> we will get a cluster of businesses and he probably does have a chance but it has got to be in such a way that the people want to go down there because that these unique types of opportunities are available to the public. thank you. >> thank you. is there any other public comment? >> seeing none, public comment is closed. we will now, entertain a motion. >> so, based on your excellent endorsements, i move to approve this permit. >> second. >> there is a motion and a second. >> any other comments? >> no. >> go ahead. >> okay, sorry. >> i will move to approve with no additional conditions just a good neighbor policy. commissioner perez.. >> aye.
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>> akers. >> tan. >> aye. >> lee. >> aye. >> hyde. >> aye. >> and next up is blew fin sushi. >> and he actually applied for a place of entertainment and the mechanical music device and it turns out that although they just built this room and they need to go through a conditional use process for the place of entertainment portion and so at this time, he would like to apply for the mechanical amusement devices for his electronic darts. so go ahead. >> and commissioners, and staff. and i'm not going to be as well spoken as ramsey here, and none of this, and first i am doing this and but i am the owner for the blue fin sushi,
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and the neighborhood restaurant there for a while and it has been there for ten years now. to come with the restaurant and we also have a bar there as well and we are looking to bring in some electronic dart boards there. and so instead of just regular metal tip darts it is kind of like an arcade machine. and so we have three of those. is looking to bring those to spice things up in our bar area. >> great. >> who throws the darts? >> the actual darts, but they are plastic-tipped darts and you throw it into a thing but it looks like an arcade machine. and it is plastic, instead of a cork board and it is a plastic board and so you can play on-line, verses people around the world, as well. so if you are there by yourself, it is not just you, you can play on-line.
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>> cool. >> how bizarre. >> amazing. >> commissioner lee. >> so you just took over and i guess that you are a new partner and i know that the physical, and the physical, it is pretty a big space and you have the dining room on one side and the bar is still there and so you dart and going to be where the bar is in the bar area. >> the bar area. >> and within, there was a pool table at one time, there was a long. >> that is not there any more. >> it has not been there for -- >> and you are old. >> six years, plus. >> but, yeah, it is in the bar area. and again, our bar is not that active, i mean that it is a good crowd, but, what we are going to do is it takes out about a quarter or a little less than a quarter of the bar just because of the distance between the boards but it is like the back corner. >> i think that it is great. i mean 25th avenue, and so i just to be out there and i think
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that to know to have a bar out in the boonies it is a challenge and so that space is a great space and i know that previous owner. >> could you tell us what the grand plan is for it once you get your ducks in a row for that? >> yeah, what we had there and where the pool table used to be we, made it into just a vip room. and it for, for before we put in the karaoke in there, it was just for the larger groups. and it was just a larger room by we would put the groups of like ten or more people at a time. and so when we thought about bringing karaoke it was just as an amenity to their dinner. and the room, would be closed, but the noise would not get out, and it would just -- and so with that it is just going through the process to get that done. >> so you would have one separate private one and one
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karaoke in a main room? >> no. >> in the. >> the karaoke is only in the private room. >> it is not going to be like, a public space where you play and the people pay to hear you sing, it is not like a private room, it is open that everyone can see inside. and just again to create that energy of it is not just another room, but more fun. >> great. >> and do you have any questions about this? >> no. >> make sure that you do your out reach. >> yes. >> your community out reach. >> yes. >> all right. do we have any police comments or questions for this? >> commissioners, richmond station and i do the permitting
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at richmond station. as far as the dart board is concerned, we don't have any concerns. electric dart boards, i don't think cause any problems with the neighborhood, so we are going to recommend approval. at least one neighbor has been complaining about the noise coming out of the bar since the karaoke room has been put in, so one red flag that i have seen, is the fact that the karaoke and the dart boards do not have the permits, yet. but they are being used. and so when the owner knows the process, and knows the fact that they need to have the permits, and they are still doing it without it, it kind of does draw some questions. so i would say.
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>> when the time comes we will make sure that there are no questions and we can hash it out out at one time and get it done properly. >> great. >> commissioner joseph? >> so the karaoke without a permit. >> yes, according to the neighbor. >> i visited and i did not witness it. and i spoke to a nighttime manager and march 17th is my last visit and she said that she, or that they had done some karaoke in house and some employees and neighbor type of stuff and since then the alu department has gone out and did not win this either, but the same complaint has sent more e-mails to me on nights that the noise is, what he claims is from the karaoke. and so did you notice that the doors were opened. >> the unit went out last friday and they noticed that there was an ipod type of music and the door was open and
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causing noise. i don't know if you have been out there, it is the boonies it is about as quiet as it gets in the city so anything is going to cause noise, so when we get to that place of entertainment, it is really important that you talk about how they are going to sound proof, and it is a beautiful room, but it is not permitted. so we need to make sure that i talk about the place is right, like the things that where the speakers are and right now, they are on a wall, which will go to the residents next door. and there is a lot of little different issues that we need to hash out so that for tonight, and the dart boards, we have no issues. >> thank you. >> great, thank you. >> i have... >> commissioner campagnoli? >> yes, thank you for the information and i have been to that restaurant a couple of times. this sushi is great and i am familiar with that room in the back, and i saw people in there, but i did not hear any... i did not see anything
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singing or anything. but you should be not using that for karaoke. >> and for that, i actually went on you tube and i didn't believe it at first and so i have been in there and others have been in there but there are some you tube videos of it being used. >> so the social media will bring you down. >> bring you down. >> okay. thank you. >> any other questions? okay. >> thank you very much. >> and we will open it up for public comment, is there any public comment on blue fin sushi, dart boards? >> i don't see any, all right, public comment is closed. and the matter is now with the commission. >> commissioners any last minutes or a motion? >> i am going to move to approve the dart boards and suggest that we don't hear any more karaoke. >> all right, there is a motion is there a second. >> second. >> and that will come with the conditions of the good neighbor policy. >> correct. >> and all right.
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>> on the motion to approve in the electron devices and the good neighbor policy, commissioner perez. aye. >> acres. >> aye. >> joseph. >> aye. >> lee. >> aye. >> campagnoli. >> aye. >> president tan. >> aye. >> and all right, congratulations and we will see you when you come back for the karaoke. and we will move on to item 5 c. lml restaurants. >> and all right this is leticia luna and she is looking to get a place of entertainment permit for 1501 folsom which is the old paradise lounge and it has been sitting empty for years and she would like to operate it with a restaurant/nightclub and she has the interesting plans that she will share with you bu, she wants to and it is still like several months off. because she is going to be
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doing some major reno vasings she would like to make sure that she has a place of entertainment permit of some kind before she makes all of these investments in the property. the planning department sent the recommendation for approval for recommendation, but that there be no expansion or in tensation without the conditional use and it is months away from opening and i don't even think she has a name to it and maybe she does by now. and i know that this puts the commission in sort of an awkward position in a way to approve a place of entertainment permit for a place that is not open, or that you can't even really see yet. but you could do a couple of different things, and you do have the ability to place the conditions on the permit or you could conditionally grant the permit and require her to return to the further condition it once she has everything in order. and then, keep in mind, that the abc, will still condition her permit, so, you know, things could change. is all that i am saying, with
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that i would like to invite up miss luna. >> could i just ask you a question? any permit that we grant here is conditional on getting all of the sign-offs any way, right? >> exactly. >> i am just trying to remind you that granting conditional granting a permit tonight does not mean that she just gets a permit to do whatever she wants, it will require the authorization from all of the city departments. >> so, fire, health, city. >> and yes, everyone. >> electrical. >> okay. >> that is just checking. >> and we have had instances where the business has not opened yet, but we provided the permit. >> right. >> okay. >> and good evening, i am luna and i am a native of san francisco and i started a business in 1979 and one of my last venues which was the old caesar's palace and i let that
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place go about five years ago and now i am ready to take another location, 1501 folsom and looking to get a liquor license and entertainment and trying to bring in what i did, where i ran that for 8 and a half years and i brought in entertainers once a month, and good headliners and i brought in a nice crowd and i never had a problem at that location. and i have a clean record. i am also trying to get a restaurant on the roof top. but that is not going to kill this deal,fy don't get the restaurant, i am still going to try to do it with my license and the nightclub, five nights a weeks and i would like to do monday and tuesday for fund-raisers and i spoke to the neighborhood, and working on it. and pretty much is it. thank you. >> great, thank you so much. >> commissioner joseph and commissioner hyde? >> if you don't get the restaurant on the roof top, will you do a restaurant inside?
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>> no. >> okay. >> thank you >> the night club only? >> correct. >> commissioner hyde, so if we were to do this today, you know that you would still have to go out and do community out reach and we would need to see proof of that, correct? >> correct. yeah, i am familiar with that. >> okay. >> i know that you are. >> okay. >> commissioner campagnoli and then commissioner lee? >> good evening. i am just reading your intent statement in your hand and it says that you will have music only on the first and second floor restaurant will have the cd music no live music, and maybe live bands friday and saturday. so that is not what you intend any more? >> no. no i intend on that, for the weekend. on friday and saturday. i plan to do a dj but i don't know how business is going to go, i can't say that i am not going to do music.
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in the restaurant which is the roof top i don't plan to have music just the dining and that is it. >> i got it. >> and it is in that neighborhood and i think that the people drinking might want to have some nice dinner or appetizers and i think that it would be nice for them to go upstairs and go down stairs, and listen to the different music, and the second floor, i plan to do it a different type of music and i am planning to do a piano bar. and just have the different entertainment on the weekend and so the people can go to the first level and the second level or the third level. >> correct. >> okay. >> commissioner lee and perez. >> so i know that you have been around, and reading your security plan, and i mean, that it is pretty general. and you know, the security has to all of the security have to have guard cards. and i am wondering do you have
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a person that is going to be your head of security, that really knows the procedures and the policies, only because you are right next door to a whole bunch of clubs. >> right and i know that. >> you are right on the corner of a bunch of neighbors on the other side. i am saying for a restaurant kind of club, bar, and i mean this will be great. but it is a very challenging neighborhood. and i would, and i personally would like to see a more, you know, a more thorough or a written security plan by someone who has a guard card because you have been out of the industry for a while and things have changed. >> correct. >> i have and when that, and when i get closer, i will definitely have something lined up. >> okay. >> and commissioner hyde has a quick follow up. >> and may i just say that this and the reason that this is not fully vetted out is because there are months ahead to go where, where this place will have to be gutted and redone
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and conditional use, and so i think that one of the things that we have to look at here is the time allotted for venues to maintain, entertainment permits in that area, as well and stuff like that. and so, i think one of the reasons that this is coming to us now is that i am not mistaken is due to the west noma plan after a certain amount of period you will lose the license unless an interest is shown in stuff like that and i believe that is why we are moving forward a little bit here today. >> if i may. >> and i think that the situation here is before she invests into the property, she wants to know if she could get the permit. i mean... >> correct. >> and you are still going to have to go through the process, and probably we are going to have to have you come back. >> correct. >> and that is fine. >> that is what i want. >> the smartest way when you purchase a club like this, is to make sure that you have all of your permits and before you
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have you know, like some people will go right into it and all of a sudden they don't get the permits. and then they are really stuck. so she is actually doing it the right way. >> correct. >> so i think that what it is is that i am saying for the come back, i would like to see a little bit, you know. stronger security plan. >> absolutely not a problem. >> perez. >> thanks for coming. i want to inquire about your background and experience. >> you listed rrl inc as a property manager. >>vy been in business since 1979 and i started the line up restaurant and ran that for 27 years and another restaurant for 29 years and i have three restaurants in san francisco. and then i went to lapasdo in pacific heights and ran that for 29 years and so i have been in business, since i was a little girl because my parents, were in the business and they opened it up and also had the deli for 50 years and so i was
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pretty much raised in the restaurant business, i was the one that wanted to do the nightclub. i just wanted to do... i wanted to go out and enjoy myself but at the time work and that is why i decided to do the alcapulco and i love the challenges and that it is ready for a high end latin club and bringing in the right crowd. >> thank you. >> just wondering why you did not include that in yours. >> i thought that i did, there were so many applications i had to do i did everyone different and i didn't make copies of them and i should have, so i could kind of copy all of them but i have been in business since 79 and probably held eight liquor license. >> okay >> what about your background in entertainment. >> i did that for eight and a half years and clean record and brought in capacity of 600 people on the weekends. and i never had a problem. >> okay >> thank you. >> great. >> are you in terms of like the
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entertainment, are you bringing in the promoters or all in house. >> it is in house. >> okay. >> correct >> great. >> and what is the capacity of this? >> we don't know yet. maybe, if the restaurant goes up, i know that it is 100 for the restaurant and each floor is approximately 200 or 250. and it needs major work and that has been a pretty ugly sight for many years and i think that a lot of clubs from the neighborhood want to see something happen in that club. >> yeah. we commend you for taking that risk. and any other comments or questions from the commissioners? >> all right, why don't you have a seat and we will bring up... >> with the alu and i am not
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sure if she is doing it the right way but she is going about it the smart way and protecting her investment and the correct situation here would be to assess as we get closer to opening, rather than doing it now. having said that, we are at a point if she is going to renovate the building or support the restaurant on top and she has applied for a type 48 license and she has no requirement to serve the food and having said that once again, southern station has no issues with it, however, they would like to go with the second option, that commissioner wishes to issue a permit to come back and revisit in the future. and the process would be to protect southern from having to disburse it if necessary in the future and with that, they want